Fairy Bread Candle

Fairy Bread Candle

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This cute jam jar candle is the perfect sweet smelling companion. Our Fairy Bread candles are just like the Australian sweet treat the ultimate party favorite. Sweet, sugary sprinkles on soft white buttered bread.

Our Fairy Bread Candle candle is made with natural soy wax and essential oils. These beauties have a minimum burn time of 25 hours. Each scent wafts subtly and distinctly throughout it's surroundings, creating a pleasant and delicious aroma. *Color & scent may vary from candle to candle as all are hand poured and dependent on the reaction of the materials.


  • Size: Jars: approx 8.5 oz, height: 4 in 
  • Burn time: 25+ hours

Materials: sprinkles, twine, glass, soy wax, fragrance, oil, paper, ink

Crafted in Australia