Burnt Leather Journal

Burnt Leather Journal

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This leather bound journal is made with 100% genuine leather, and crafted using the long stitch method. It is rustic in appearance, but lovely in its simplicity. The type of journal that will feel at home in your hand, and one you'll want to carry around everywhere.

Bound with 100% genuine oil tan leather. This leather is strong and high quality. It is both thick yet still pliable (exact thickness varies from hide to hide). It retains scratches, but these can be polished. Edges are sanded to make for a more rustic and aged appearance. Every piece used will be a little different from the next. Some having unusual markings and others not.

This journal is filled with white multi-media art paper, suitable for drawing, writing, painting and more. And closes with a thick leather strap that fastens in the fron

Due to this being a made to order item, please allow for some variances in the leather.


  • Size: length: 6 1/4 in, width: 4 1/4 in, thickness: 1.5 in
  • Pages Count: 240 (front and back)
  • Paper is unlined

Materials: leather, wax thread, multi media art paper